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Unleashed part 2
My fingers upon her wrist slid down to twine our fingers together as our eyes locked together. Her eyes filled with question, and her hand ripped from mine smashing into my side. I hit the ground beside my bed curled around myself trying to relearn how to breath. I heard her sobs and half spoken words about ghosts and torment, the ice hit my soul I had never thought about how my instantaneous return would wreak havoc upon Ivy's emotions. I laid on my back, I was weary to my bones. My eyes closed for a moment and I felt my body relax little by little. 'No!' My thoughts interrupted my bodies process of shutting down, Ivy needed me.

I battled my fatigue as I sat up, every muscle and tendon screamed at me. My bones creaked as I felt the newly fractured ribs ground together making me gasp as I shifted my weight forward to a kneel. A hand fell on my back and my eyes snapped open, startled I turned to face her only knocking myself off balance and hitting the ground again. I gasped and rolled to my back to take the pressure off of my ribs, I took in large gulps of air but the pain didn't seem to lessen. I heard the bed shift, then I felt her presence over me. She was about to reach out again, then she paused her hand still in the air before it closed upon itself and she brought it back toward her.

"Rachel?... Rachel, can I touch you?" Her voice was tinged with panic.

Unable to speak, I nodded I wanted to tell her that I wasn't afraid of her. I wanted to tell her that she was the only thing that kept me alive these past years, I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but the words simply wouldn't come out raggedy rasping noises. The warm appendage felt good against my cheek I wanted to close my eyes and just feel her. But I couldn't tear my gaze away from hers not when it had been so long since I had seen her. The moment stilled us both for so long that my labored breathing began to settle. I felt her shift again, and she lifted my shirt slightly. She smelt my fear and asked permission again with a tinge of hurt in her voice. I grasped the edge of the shirt and pulled it completely off with her help, once we finally got the garment off with much effort and pain. She sat back her mouth was slightly open in shock, then they slowly shifted to anger as she admired the scars and the fresh wounds from the night before.

Her pheromones filled the air, soon they had my skin crawling and my head pounding in time with my heart. Her fingers touched a scar lightly and my body seized, my eyes rolled back into my head and I couldn't breath every gasp would meet another gasp there was no outtake of air. "Rachel? Rachel?! Whats wrong?" Her increased panic intensified the ecstasy I was experiencing, my back arched when she touched my neck."Stop... Phero...mones. Need.... water." She jumped to the task immediately which in turn hopefully saved her some embarrassment and it let the air clear up. My breath hitched in my chest, I couldn't breathe. The pheromones were slight pleasure but more pain than I could have ever explained to her, all of the venom inside of me made me beyond sensitive.

Ceri stepped into the room with her Rachel-emergency kit, Ivy then showed up with my water and eased me up far enough so I could drink it. When I was finished, she wrapped her arm around my back and the other under my legs and with me tucked into her chest she transported me to the couch. As soon as she had me settled I could see she was troubled as for what she should do next. I also saw that her decision was to leave so she didn't make me uncomfortable with her concern over me. As she turned I grasped her hand with my own silently begging for her not to leave me, my eyes filled with tears at the thought of her walking away. She sighed, and helped me sit up enough so she could use her thighs as my pillow. I rolled my head so my face was against her stomach, and I closed my eyes tenderly.

Ceri's fingers ran over my stomach as she inspected my recent wounds. I felt the dip in power on the line in the back of the yard, maybe she could heal me. No one else had been able to, not since the matron had ordered her pet demon to curse me. I sighed at the frustration on her face and at the slight hope I had allowed myself to feel, "Why won't magic work on you?" I looked up at her and told her I didn't quite understand it myself, magic hadn't worked on me since the master had called the demon to preform a "secret" curse on me. She told me she would look into trying to find a counter curse, but I knew the only demon who would know of it would be newt and I didn't want her crazy ass after me.

Sleep almost had a hold of me, when she finally spoke up. "Rachel, do you trust me?" My eyes snapped open and searched hers with slight confusion.

"Undoubtedly." I replied with conviction.

She smiled and looked at me tenderly as her fingers ran through my hair. Her eyes locked onto mine again, I felt myself getting lost and it felt like tendrils of her thoughts were meeting mine and easing me into a calm. I was alarmed for a moment then I realized why as soon as I saw Ceri pull out a needle to sew up my wounds. Ivy's hair tickled my face, but my eyes continued to search hers. I soon found that there were many different colors of brown in her eyes, they weren't just chocolate, they had flakes of amber and were a deep mahogany in places. Her hand sweeping through my hair I could feel her easing me into slumber. My breath hitched once more before I was lulled to sleep with the faint smell of ash and incense on the air.

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 I bared my "fangs" at the vampires close proximity, this particular vamp was wise enough to know better the to touch me. My eyes narrowed as I realized he had the keys, I swung my legs back so I could push off of the wall behind me. His beady eyes bulged as he realized that he was going to die his first death tonight (or his last death if no one bothered to bring him back as an undead). Being suspended off of the ground by the wrists gives the advantage of surprise when you suddenly show them you are capable of movement.

I wrapped both legs around his throat choking the life out of him. I had been watching him for months, I had seen this boy in his prime and now he was nothing. He had fallen out of favor with his Master, he was only a ghoul he was useful as nothing more than a jailer to them now. The boy, Eric sank to the floor in his last breath he probably begged for God's forgiveness, forgiveness for the way he had tortured me and many others.

Ha, I was at luck! They had me suspended on a hook, if I could only climb just a little higher. My goal was set, it was the first step of my plan, if Fate willed it I would be a free witch tonight! The thought burned through me, giving me the emotional strength to lift myself with my bleeding wrists, the strength to wrap my fingers around the chains and pull myself to freedom. I started to swing, if I just let go right now, I would be back to where I had started in the first place. I allowed myself to let go, I had felt that I reached enough momentum to miss the hook on the way down.

My landing was everything but graceful. I had landed and rolled in a puddle of the blood that I had shed the night before. I searched the expanse of the underground hallway that I could see from inside my cell, it had seemed something big was going on tonight, he is the only one here. I took the keys off of his ever cooling corpse, quickly freeing myself of the charmed silver cuffs. I held the keys, and stole Eric's clothing.

I felt better when I had a way to physically blend in with the others. But there truly wasn't a reason, I didn't intend to just "sneak out" and allow them to get away with this. No, they are all going to die, every single person I see will be obliterated. They had the chance to live, they had five years to help me escape; but not a single one of them even thought about trying! No, no one shall live past tonight. I spent my first half hour freeing all of the witches, all of the weres, all of the vamps, every single prisoner was free. I had my army.

We all marched up the stairs,  the noise we were making was being drown out by the masquerade ball that was being held by the Master that had us all "under control." Good no one noticed us, the element of surprise shall allow more than enough time for me to take her. The mass of vampire dancers, all stood slack jawed as the witches flew their ley line spells, as weres tore them to shreds, and as the vampires fed for the first time in months. I saw the queen bitch, her mouth gaping still sitting atop her throne. Her silver hair gave her away, she was older her silver hair was kept, as well as a complexion amulet.

My reflexes had certainly gotten better, I moved with the crowd almost as if it were a living thing. The hatred of those around me, feeding me adrenaline I could feel it pulsing like the beat of a heart. I took off running in her direction, she hadn't caught sight of me yet, nor was she going to. I watched as the first woman I freed murdered the Master's right hand woman. A evil smirk masked my face, hatred was spilling out of my aura, it seeped into my magic control. It had helped me create something that had been deemed impossible, a move able compact barrier. My magic pulsed around me, cracking around me as if it were my aura. 

One of her moronic minions had been stupid enough to attempt to touch me, I watched in awe as the man's hand melted away to the bone. I set out my fingers, touching his chest barely even touching I watched as his flesh fell apart showing me his rib cage. I grinned at my new found power, I clenced my fists as I punched holes through the terrified hearts of my enemies. Stalking ever closer to my true desire, she had set out to fight my brethren, harming my army. Out eyes locked, as she focused.
Our blitskrieg war  was about to end as our eyes connected, all of the battles stopped. Both of the head powers had finally recognized each other. It was almost as if she could see her future, she knelled and begged for her miserable existence. She knew what the answer was going to be, so she bared her fangs. Ready to die for the sins she had committed against us all, this very act had led to her downfall. The punch she had threw never connected, she had made a mistake thinking it would actually hit me.
The hit that never landed costed her the arm she tried to kill me with. Her scream sounded, my friends rejoiced, their screams of bloodlust. I grabbed her throat trying to be quicker than my magic, I actually felt her wind pipe from the inside before her head hit the floor. Her whole work force bowed before me, my fingers ran through my hair. Just before my death barrier expanded to take the lives of everyone who had ever hurt me. The power I had been born with was amazing, it seemed endless.
I took a deep breath, smothering the power within me to the ground. The feeling was intoxicating but I didn't want to end up like Newt anytime soon. Step 1: Find Ivy, find home. I braced myself against the wall, gritting my teeth as I knew how bad this was going to hurt. I found her, she was far, it was a long ways to ride on the lines. Acquiring her location had given me a nose bleed, it was too much ley line energy rushing to my head. I ground my teeth, it hurt as I connected with the ley line and felt myself sucked into the stream. I concentrated on only Ivy, it was very easy to get lost. 
I jumped off when I hit close to her, I rolled tearing a path to the surface, pain was the only feeling I could distinguish. I screamed as I felt the reality of concrete and road rash catch up with me. I picked myself up off of the floor, I felt the ribs that had been broke just last week strain under the pressure that I had been putting them under. I felt the rain, it was a flash flood kind of thunderstorm, cleansing me of the slaughter that I had left behind. I caught long blond hair as a figure in white ran toward me.
Ceri, I recognized her. She had aged these five year very gracefully, her eyes wide as she took me in. Her fear was palpable, her fingers cupped my cheek after she had tentatively realized that I wouldn't hurt her.  "Take me to Ivy." I broke the silence harshly. Thunder clapped around us, lightning crashed in the distance, and the pouring rain continued to cleanse me. She sighed, her fingers wrapped around my wrist she pulled me to the church.
I stopped in the middle of her haul, she jerked on my wrist. As Ceri took the time to look at me and read my expression, she allowed me my break. I stood in awe of my home, this was a place of freedom; it was a place I never expected to see again. My face turned downcast as I said a little prayer, I then put one heavy soled shoe in front of the other. My eyes methodically turned to stare at the door, then they darted around in the rain as if I could tell there were people watching me.
I quickly, strode up the steps to the heavy wooden doors. I took a deep breath as my hands found the handles, with the strength I had left I opened them. I took a look around, the pictures on the walls were different. The furniture was all the same, I took steps and looked into her bedroom. Everything looked the same as I had left, from the few times that I had been in here I recognized that nothing but the pictures had changed. There were more pictures of me than I had remembered, she must have missed me.
She wasn't there, my next place of search was the kitchen, or perhaps the table. I ran into the sanctuary in my haste, then passing into the kitchen, not finding anything. I turned to the table where her computer was, all of my spell books were in the same place I had left them. I smiled fondly as I realized there was no dust on them, my concentration snapped as I felt the need to find her even more. I took a running start up the stairs to the belfry, I frantically checked there, nothing!!!
I bolted down the stairs frustrated, I growled in anger. Then an idea struck me, the only place I had yet to check was my bedroom. My fingers found the knob easily, I had pressed my forehead against the soft plywood. I breathed a plea for her to be there, I needed her right now. The door gave easily, I caressed her figure with my eyes. She had been crying before she went to sleep, her eyes were red and her cheeks had been more flushed than usual. I crept to her side, she was lying right where I usually slept, I had a feeling she was trying to comfort herself with my smell. I was kneeling beside her, my limbs had moved on their own. 
My knuckles felt how warm her flesh was, her eyes blinked open to me. Shock cut into her features, I grasped her wrist with my other hand. My fingers caressed her cheek, "It's me. It's Rachel, I'm home. I'm finally home."

Curious to understand Part 10
My eyes opened, blurry images rushed over me. All I could see was white blotched opaque patterns, 'Hmm, the ceiling has an interesting story of shapes.' I thought quietly to myself as I attempted to depict objects out of it before snapping to reality and trying to check the status of the rest of the room. I groaned lowly as I sat up, defiant muscles sent warning shots that seemed to never cease fire on the neurons attacking my brain. But in my normal 'I'm tough guys' facade, how could I listen to something my defiant body was trying to explain?

I saw the beautiful wood desk that served as home to a family of pixies and the dust-bunnies of the church. I looked back at the bed now thoroughly confused, it indeed was our bed, Ive's and mine. 'Why was that desk in here?' I pondered to myself as I sat still, I sat up and gingerly took my time stepping out of the bed. I carefully inched my way to the dark kitchen, I glanced at the microwave's clock, it was reading 4:13 A.M.

I sighed, 'What day is it?' My eyes closed as I leaned against my alphabetized charm cabinet and stared at the tiles on the floor. I heard a eerie soft scraping noise, followed by a quiet groan, "Rachelllll." The hair on the back of my neck rose, I slowly turned my attention to the figure beside me. My eyes went wide as I focused, "Ivy," I sobbed, her skin had always been pale, but right now she looked ghostly, and there was a gaping hole in her rib cage. It looked as if a hand had just been punched through her, intestines and what should have been her stomach was hanging out of the cavernous wound, slinking across the floor making gruesome modern art.

Her knee had to have been broken, as she walked clumsily toward me dragging the limb with her in a jerky sort of step slide step movement.. The hole in her rib cage had to have been big enough for my head to go through. I backed up my body was shaking, and my teeth were chattering, and the worst part is that I was afraid of her. I was afraid of the woman I loved, and not only because she could be dead but because she could be undead. I tripped on a dish rag, my back hit the wall, she gave me a pained look, "What's wrong dear, don't you love me anymore?"

Her words cut my heart, knocking the wind out of me.Tears welled in my eyes, almost spilling over the brink. No matter how repulsed I was by my own cowardice I couldn't repress my fear, and I couldn't take a step forward to touch her, to cradle her in my arms. So she continued her dogged pursuit toward me, I heard her knee snap and pop as she applied pressure to her leg. The sound made me gag, my stomach acid was burning my esophagus as I swallowed it back. "What happened to you?" I sobbed, more to myself than to her.

She grinned wide, "You did." She looked heart broken as her eyes were downcast at the floor. "You broke all of your promises to me. You said you loved me, but demons don't love do they?" My teeth clenched together as her image blurred in front of me, I grasped more of the wall as I slid down it. 'This can't be', the thoughts whirled in my mind. "Al lived." My eyes shot to hers, as she continued her tale, "He lived because you couldn't keep your promises. And we all paid the price for you, to think that I'm in love with such a coward."

She stopped when she was within arms reach, her hand took mine in a almost gentle way, "I wish I could provide pity, or forgiveness, or even indifference." My arms tangled around her, clutching her to me as I sobbed at my loss and her words. "I think I'm really dead this time, how could you? How could you chose his life over ours?"

She had paused, fear knotted inside of me, as her grip turned hard. My eyes met hers and I saw a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from hunger to rage. "I love you. Oh God how I love you." I rasped as her claws ripped into pieces of me, her left digging into my ribs, her right crushing my wrist. I cried out in pain but made no attempt to move. My body pressed against hers as the blood seeped into my clothes, and I breathed her in, my eyes widened as my heart sped up.

Burnt Amber... We have just hit ground zero...

Fangs were about to enter my neck as 'Ivy' savagely hissed her anger at me. My mouth went dry, this thing was not Ivy, and there was no telling when she would be home. 'Think Rachel, think!' As I thought of a way to get out of this mess, 'Ivy' continued to loom over me. Fear pulsed out of me and she moaned.

I switched our positions to where she was against the wall, and I pressed my lips to hers groaning at the contact. She gasped in surprise as I applied pressure forcefully and she growled as I bit her lip striking first blood. I aggressively pressed against her and sucked at her pulse. My jaw ached as I forced my teeth to break her skin and burrow into the muscle tissue. I had a steady supply of the hot coppery liquid. I invoked my curse and made it boil. Her body jerked away from mine as she stood taught every muscle contracting in pain as her insides melted.

Her blood curdling scream sounded throughout the church, echoing all around, like we had surround sound of her torture. I closed my eyes at the sight I felt the urge to vomit coming back as tears ran rampant down my cheeks. I felt something change inside of me, Some things snapped in my consciousness self loathing burned deep into me as it ate her alive. I felt the blood beginning to flake and become dust beneath her flesh. I held my hands on my knees pulling them to my chest as the tears continued to spill. I didn't notice that the form of my lover had changed to my teacher. Pain tasted just as foul as the blood on my tongue as it did in my heart. The creature wailed again no longer sounding human, I had to do what was right I had to put her out of misery. I folded the magic on itself. I kneaded it, collapsing the energy making it stronger, and more refined. I kept at it for hours. Til dawn in fact, continuing well after the spot on the ground was unrecognizable. I stood and carefully placed my arms under the body to carry it outside to meet the sun.

The creature spoke suddenly, shocking me out of my state. The words were just above a pitiful raspy whisper, I turned heel on him. "I didn't want this for either of us you know?" I kneeled on the ground hard in my shock. Clutching him to me, I shook hard the shiver ripping through me. As I stared at his long collapsed eyes and the deformed sockets.

His scream sounded, it was a low rasped hiss as the sun dusted over the both of us. I watched him turn to ash in my arms, and his dust settled in my hands. I didn't know if I could touch her ever again, I didn't know that I deserved it because I hadn't been entirely certain it was ever Al before making the decision to kill. I came to the realization that I couldn't love anything, that I would aid the death of anything I would ever come to care about. I turned to shuffle inside, to grab my things and run. But my jaw went slack as I saw Ivy with her eyes wide in horror.

Skimmer at her side.

This is a redone chapter.

Imaginary truth
Jenks flew in through the tiny hole of the window while I unlocked the front doors of the church. Being welcomed by Jenks, as he barked at me for taking so long. "What's wrong Jenks?" I said, it wasn't like we didn't have all day.

His wings were a red blur, "She's gone! Rache, get us to this address! Now!" I looked at him confused, what in the hell was he talking about? He screamed for me to get into my car so we could find Ivy, before she kicked the bucket.

That got my attention, I grabbed my keys and ran to my car, "Where in the hell is she?! What in the hell is she doing?!" I furiously demanded answers of my four inch tall friend.

"Mia, the banshee broke out of prison last night, my guess is that Ivy went to go kick her ass alone." I was speeding down the highway when I found the most curious looking thing in the world. A motionless leather clad woman with black hair, being appraised by three men.

I jerked the car wheel, entering the parking lot, I stopped my car taking out my keys in a quick fashion. I put my keys in my pocket, as I attached myself to a ley-line, if they have even looked at her wrong, so help me goddess I was going to break more than 'just a few' bone. Heads were going to roll, my eyes sighted on the men, one was laughing as he held her hips.

I didn't ask questions, I didn't demand why, I did the only thing I could possibly think of at the moment. I marched up to the one holding her hips, he looked like a lumber-jack redneck asshole, my hands found his head. I threw the whole line into his body, he quickly seized and dropped to the ground unconscious. All of his friends had taken a few steps back, I sneered at them showing my pearly white teeth.

"Get your friend and go!" I yelled at them, I didn't realized I was still holding on to the ley-line until electric looking sparks hit the pavement and singed it, turning the blacktop even darker. They darted forth retrieved their friend, and left flying in the direct opposite direction from me. I heard a weak whisper, I barely made out the sound to be my name, I turned directly on heel dropping all of the energy.

I knelt beside her, afraid I was too late, afraid I was going to lose someone else close to me... again. 'No!' I heard my voice echo in the confounds of my mind. I felt beside myself, I felt like someone else was continuing out my actions for me. I tapped a line, and thrusted it into my muscles, so I could carry her to the car. The door wasn't open so I had to prop her into a leaning sort of pose to get it open. I carefully settled her into the car, fastening a seat belt around her. I went back for her purse, knowing she would want me to, 'She's going to need her cell phone when she gets better, she's going to need her bank cards... What if she isn't okay this time?'

I silenced the maddening questions in my mind, when I typed R into Ivy's cell phone, I scrolled down to Ryan Cormel. I hit the talk button, and focused on a now panting Ivy, my hand moved to help her get her bangs out of her face. "Ivy, darling. I know your anxious for tonight, but I'm not prepared yet, just another hour my pet." His voice resonated suggestivly, damn I hated his voice at the moment.

"Ryan, we have a situation. Ivy is injured, she went to capture and detain Mia Harbor alone, and is now hurt." I heard a growl in the background.

He took a few moments to collect himself, "Where are you? I will send people to 'help' her out of her broken state. No better yet, you will come to the bridge, we first had an incident like this. And Rachel, you and I need to have a very serious discussion. Good day!" He basically yelled into the phone, before I heard a sharp click of the phone cutting off. I winced, and started the car heading to the bridge, I pulled out of the parking lot speeding.

I put on my hazard brakes before stopping by where the other cars were located.I stopped and put my car in park. I ran full speed to the passenger door after I stumbled out of the car, I picked up Ivy, her arms loosely wrapped around my neck. Ryan stepped out of the car, "Rachel, give her to us." His hand reached out.

"I'm coming with her." I stated, he raised and eyebrow, Ivy tried to protest. My eyes caught hers, and she stopped talking, it was as if the back of her throat just went dry.

Ryan smiled showing fang, "No I like this new development, I want this to be Rachel's punishment for allowing you to be hurt. I want her to show her how cruel it is for you." I was holding back tears, her head pressed gently against me settling into my shoulder. He opened the car door, and I placed her in the middle of the backseat. I sat directly to the right of her, fearing that this was beyond repair.

"Rachel?" I heard her rasp my name, my attention was all hers as I took her hands, "Rachel, I have an I-pod, please... I don't want you to hear, please." She was near tears, I found her purse, I hadn't even realized I was carrying it. Rummaging through her bag I found the music player, I turned up Nirvana until I could have sworn my ears were bleeding. I looked over to where Ivy was and she was tearing into a tall,blond,skinny man. I saw his mouth move in what had to be a moan, I closed my eyes, and soothingly traced invisible patterns on her back.

Soon after she was done with that one, he moved to trade places with the man in the passenger seat. Smoothly swapping she started to drain the second one. He bucked and moaned, tears no longer threatened to spill over the brim of my eyes, I felt numb. I skipped this song, Nirvana wasn't doing it for me today, I hit a song that entirely made sense of the situation.

Imaginary- Evanescence.

Ivy pulled away from him, clearly stronger than she had been, just minutes ago. Her gaze returned mine, her fingers raised and moved toward me, hesitantly. I quickly, grabbed her hand in mine, pulling her towards me. She collapsed against me, her arms encircled me, she pressed her face against the crook of my shoulder and cried. I took out one of my head phones and placed it in her ear. I rocked her as she spilled her heart for me, I clutched her close. Whispering lies, telling her ever thing would be ok.

Look at me, what a useless individual indeed.

Curious to understand Part 9

Blood dripped down my hands as I ducked behind a gravestone, 'I apologize for my intrusion, whoever you are.' I thought as I sat in front of the grave of someone I hoped was no longer here on earth. I sat there thinking about that afternoon. My mind began to mule over the promise I gave to Ivy, "You can run all you like Itchy Witch, but I will catch you eventually!" He taunted at me as he melted the stone that was shielding me.

I glanced at Ivy, her chin held high she was worried, but more than that she was afraid. I turned and looked behind me once I heard the fire stop scorching the grave covering my back. My will was constantly locked on the line, I ripped at the energy muttered the latin for my "were" spell. Getting faster on the draw I turned much faster than the last time I had used it. I licked my new born fangs, I darted from behind the newly melted rock. He gasped yelling as my jaws clamped down on the tendons in his leg, I heard a sick sounding pop, and in that instant I knew I had bitten clean through the  muscles connecting his knee together.

Having my new superior speed, I lept slicing messily into his neck, upon hearing him scream I clamped down harder. Algalirept screamed bloody murder beneath me, I whispered latin turning to mist as he used to when I tried to hit him. His fist came up to grasp me by the nape of my neck, I jumped back turning solid again.

We continued to circle, he ran for it, I took the time to lick my wounds attempting to close some of the blood coursing off of my shoulder, thigh, and side. My moves were beginning to become sloppy, and rushed, I was beginning to be affected by the blood loss. I fought to control my body, to will myself on if not for myself, but for Ivy's. 'Ivy,' my mind tried to focus on that single thought throughout the night, throughout the entire battle, I was living on instinct, my reactions were no longer weighed or measured.

Pain fixed it's way up my spine as my hackles rose, I saw my target, a huge black timber wolf. We couldn't cast spells in this state, but I continued to thrum the magic throughout my body, focusing it into my muscles. The downside of this is when I did this I was pushing my body past it's capabilities and it was sure to catch up with me. 'No healing, thats specifically against Newt's rules,' my mind ran over this, other than that there were no rules.

We picked up our circling, the quiet thumps of our footfalls echoed throughout my ears, the soft sounds of heavy breathing, and my thundering heartbeat. He lunged first, my witch's instinct, and the training battles I carried out with Ivy were the only things that kept me from being sandwiched between his fangs. I reared back snapping his fore-leg, he howled in pain. My teeth pulled away from that and forced their way down onto his eye.

A scream followed behind the loud squish of his eye, I pulled back achieving a temporary victory. I drew back as he changed while running from me, I preceded to lick my wounds, just before I ran after him. He grinned as he disappeared behind the tall headstone, my jaws caught air as I turned to bite at what should have been behind the tombstone.

A whistle made my sensitive ears perk up and twitch my head to the left, I didn't see anything, but my graveyard. I sniffed the air trying to make sense out of what I could smell. Algalirept materialized before me, I snapped my jaws, but he dematerialized again, I got only the barest hint of clothing. I ran after his scent, he once again became solid, continuing to run. I caught up with him, because of my superior speed. He turned as he ran throwing the liquid contents of the vial at me.

I howled and tried to get it off of me as quickly as possible. The liquid acid was painted over the entire left side of my face, the better part of my chest, and patches of my side and hip were covered in the burning curse. I turned to mist trying to get the substance off of me, but the searing of my flesh continued. I whispered the latin in my mind once again, turning witch again I formulated clothes with it.

I sneered at him, once again we started to circle, in a jerky limp we continued our waltz of death. 'I have to finish this soon,' I stated simply in my mind, the pain was starting to get to me. I broke form, clumsily ran at him, knocking him beneath me. I felt his leg give beneath the pressure I was applying to him. I screamed the curse to end his life, the one I had used to turn stone to liquid, in the tunnels.

He was trying to scream, but simply couldn't manage it, his vocal cords were being melted. Tears burned their way down my face where the curse had hit me, he had stopped flailing a long time ago. I was no longer taking any chances, I was going to burn his body, I was going to cremate him.

It took me a while to stop after I had turned him to ash, now there just plain wasn't anything left. I collapsed on the ground, having no energy or will to continue any longer. Newt lowered the circle that she had placed around the graveyard, making it the perfect battle arena.

I felt hands on me, "You should dump some salt water on her," Newt calmly stated before disappearing.

Ivy's hands gently lifted me, my head lulled as she carried me inside the church, the sun was about to rise. She stepped past the living room directly into our bathroom, she didn't bother with taking off my clothing as she laid me into the bathtub. Another scream ripped past my lips, as she forced me to sudmerge under the water to break the unknown magic.

My mind went blank as new pain screamed throughout my body, she smiled at me lightly, "Rachel. Rachel your going to have to let me bespell you baby. Okay?" I nodded quickly, wanting her to take my pain away.

I've never felt happier for anyone to make me black out.

The next day:

I woke up in a jolt, screaming one and only one word, "Ivy!!!!!" I sat up no matter how bad it hurt, needing to know that she was safe. I turned when I felt hands on my bare back, I fell back from dizziness.

"Ray, your going to need to lay there for a while," I tried to turn my head to face her, but I felt something pull against my hurt cheek. "I know how you can't stay still, but please? Rache I'm begging you just lay there, I don't want you to hurt yourself." I don't know whether it was the pleading tone, the slight panic to her voice. Or the tears that were streaming down her cheeks, but I didn't move from that spot on our bed. The thought of this being ours still got to me, it made me feel powerful and powerless all at the same time.

I reached up and touched the bandages on the left side of my face, "Don't, you will unravel them." She spoke up quick again, her hand took mine as she slowly, carefully pulled me into her arms. I laid against her feeling entirely helpless it reminded me of when I was young and when I had thought I was going to die any second. Ivy wiped up the tears I hadn't know I had shed.

She soothingly traced patterns on my spine, I softly cried some more, truly afraid. I hated feeling weak, it scared me. It was my one true fear that didn't involve people, and right now it was eating me alive.

"Shh, your okay. Your not at a hospital, your not locked away. I've got you, and I'm not leaving any time soon. There is no need for you to be afraid, not right now. Your going to be just fine, Ceri wants to come see you, she wants to see if she can help heal you." I was shaking on top of her, understanding everything she was saying, but it did nothing to cut through my fear.

I took a shaky breath after a while, "Ivy?" She replied immediately, I continued, "Would you sing to me? It might help me go back to sleep." She smiled, and started singing soft jazz to me, pumping out soothing pheromones. She was also trying to bespell me, I allowed her to have control over me, her thoughts became mine, as she put me to sleep I felt her crying softly.

Curious to understand Part 8

The Church, 3:00 A.M.

Ivy was shivering, 'Damn it's cold outside.' I thought to myself mindlessly as we walked into our cozy home. I paused to close the open door, effectively shutting out the cold, I breathed in deep taking in the scent of our church. It reminded me of a... pixy-tale, I would never be able to call anything I find sweet, a fairy tale again. Jenks had sort of ruined that for me, but none-the-less he was my favorite perv of all time.

My mind had been going in endless circles all evening, they always started with Ivy, and ended with Ivy. So my predicted pattern wasn't failed, nervous didn't even begin to describe my mental state. Ivy quite literally snapped my out of my intense staring contest with the wall, I let a slow smile come over my face.

"I'm sorry, I spaced out. I've got alot on my mind." I apologized to her in a shy, timid sort of tone.

Her smile bloomed, "It's okay to be nervous, you know." I opened my mouth to speak, then realized I had nothing to say to that, so I settled on sighing instead.

"I... I know, it's just... it means more now, the stakes are higher." Shock showed on her face, then it turned into her signature heart warming smile. A slow hand motion beckoned me to her, I complied, knowing her soothing words would some how show my mind some peace. Her arms enveloped me, her scent made my head spin, her hands mapped their way up to the base of my neck. One trailed slightly higher, so she could calm me by playing with the nape of my neck.

She sighed when my arms wrapped around her, giving myself entirely to her. She kissed my forehead, and nuzzled my hair, "No matter how tonight ends, I will be content with this." To emphasize her meaning she pulled away lightly her finger clasped with mine, her forehead touched mine. "I could die right now and be content that I had the chance to hold you like this."

Her lips touched mine so delicately that an angel would have cried, after our kiss had reached critical passion levels. She pulled away, she smiled as she ghosted kisses down to my neck where she sucked, and teased biting me hard, but not nearly hard enough to break the skin. My moan was breathy, and ragged, my hands were tightening on her neck, I wasn't sure how my hands got there, and I no longer cared.

I had a terrible idea, I smiled evilly. My fingers traced her scars, she gasped when I found a small set of raised ridges on her pulse point. I took the opportunity to wind my hands in her hair, I gently pulled her lips from my neck, my lips tasted hers again clasping her bottom lip between my teeth and biting playfully.

We pulled away from each other our foreheads pressed lightly against one another, we were both grinning from ear to ear. She spoke first, as always, "I have a feeling that tonight is going to be amazing." I licked my lips suggestively, she smiled even wider, my nervousness wasn't entirely gone, but I was definitely excited.

I glanced at my desk where Jenks family slept, Ivy's gaze followed suit. "Bedroom." We stated in unison, I took her hand in mine again as we made our way to our room. In a way I didn't understand why we were even bothering going to her room because of Jenks, considering what I had in mind they were going to hear us anyway. I smiled at the thought as she closed the door to her room and locked the door, she smiled.

Her eyes were glinting naughtily telling me right off the bat that she was up to no good, "Can I help you out of that dress?" I realized what she was up to and was absolutely happy to comply with her request, it was her birthday after all. Her fingers gently pulled my dress down, it flowed to the floor, leaving me only in my underwear. She smiled looking me up and down, I stared into her eyes, reading her face, hoping that I was close to what she normally dated. Her eyes finished roaming over me, then she met my eyes and smiled.

She gently pushed me, I fell backwards onto the bed, our bed. I smiled at the thought, she crawled on top of me kissing all of my little scars, all of the scars that I obtained on the insane missions I go on. I knew she didn't approve of me killing myself for attempting to pay rent, 'I'm going to have to stop doing that.' I smile when she reached my neck, I rolled her over before she could turn my brain to mush. "No, tonight is about you." I stated sternly, her reply to this was to playfully bare her fangs at me, I laughed. I smile and asked her if I could remove her dress, I made sure to add a please, she grinned flashing lots of fang, and nodded.

My eyes closed, as my fingers swept her dress from her, my fingers traced patterns all over her body. My hands started at her very sensitive neck, moving to her shoulders. To circle and grab her breasts, over her powerful, taunt stomach muscles, I gently pressed into them feeling the hard muscles beneath me, knowing how powerful she is. My eyes were still closed, but I was getting a wonderful mental image. My fingers continued their slow decent over her hips, I let out a breath I hadn't know I was holding when she gasped. My hands glided over her strong, tight thighs, over her calfs. I made my way back up her, when my hands reached her collar bone my eyes flew open.

She smiled, "You don't want to look?" She didn't sound hurt in the least, in fact she sounded playful as she batted her black eyes at me.

My smile met hers, "I was looking, in my way, how many people have actually taken the time to appreciate you? I want to show you how amazing you are, how beautiful you are." Her eyes went wide she smiled at me, her fingers gripped my jaw forcing me to look at her.

"So that's what this is about? All of your formalities, all of your needs for permission, all of your gentle touches? Oh, my dear heart, thank you. Thank you for showing me how much I'm worth in your eyes." She leaned up kissing me, pulling me into her, my hands found her back as our tongues danced, physically showing her appreciation.

We locked hands, twining our fingers together, as we physically showed how we loved on each other. Our tongues clashed as her hands roamed all over my body, falling down to the waist band of my thong. I smiled against her kiss as I pulled away, she looked at me confused before I found myself biting, sucking, and licking her neck, her moans and pants were the only noises I heard at the moment.

I pulled away suddenly, remembering I had wanted to try something. You see, I for a fact knew that she had never been with a witch before, ever. I wanted to show her something that would never be possible under normal circumstances, but we had a connection that went straight to our souls. As it turned out, she gave me a piece of her, and I gave her a piece of me. One of the reasons she could shield me from the pain of the magic being filtered out of my soul and mind without anything to protect me.

She started to kiss down my neck until I pressed her back against the mattress, she stared quizzically up at me. I didn't know how in the turn I was going to ask this, "Ivy, can I show you something?" She smiled, her hands ran up my back and she kissed my cheek.

"What could my lovely witch show me?" She drawled, her tongue ran over her fangs making them glisten, I shivered, as was expected.

I swallowed, my nervousness was creeping up again, "Something you have been more than reluctant to try with me." 

Her eyebrows furrowed, I was guessing she understood now, she paused to think about it. Her long moments of silence were agony for me, after I almost died right there from the rapid beating of my heart, she decided to speak. "What exactly are you wanting to do? I'm not swallowing potions, and I'm not promising anything, but I want to hear you out." She stated shyly.

I smiled sheepishly, 'She's going to give me a chance! Yes, up goes my pride, and self-esteem!' After momentarily loosing my mind, I thought of a way to explain this.

"I can't explain so please bear with me over this... I want to make you feel the line. It's sort of the equivalent of sharing blood, but the witches way." She looked confused, I opened my mouth to speak, to call the hole thing off, to tell her if this wasn't something she wanted to try then this is where that idea would end. But as I was about to speak she  covered my mouth with a finger, she licked her lips out of nervous habit.

The words that she whispered next shocked me, "Show me." My eyebrows rose all the way to my hair-line, as she continued, "I know I've made you trust me with alot, now I want to trust you, show me please." I smiled and nodded.

I stretched my will to the ley-line, my breath catching as power rushed into me, my lips found hers we held a passionate kiss. The need to breath stole the moment from us, I waited for her to catch her breath my question could wait til she did. "Are you ready?" I barely whispered.

She nodded before saying she was, but this had rules and I needed to make sure she knew them. "Ivy? Ivy, if you feel any kind of pain, in absolutely any possible way I need you to tell me. I don't want to hurt you with this. Okay?" She continued to grin and she nodded without hesitation.

My lips touched hers again, then I traced a path to her neck I found the scar I played with early and worried it, as my hands crept up to her shoulders. I took a deep breath, and pressed my lips against her neck again, and willed a small amount of magic into her. Our souls connected immediately, I gasped when I felt what she was feeling. Then sound exploded into the quiet atmosphere, Ivy cried my name. Her hands dug in to my back, tearing my skin making blood flow freely. My hands roamed freely over her flesh as it had before, I had focused the magic directly into my hands, as we laid there for a few minutes allowing her to get used to the feeling For the most part we were just reveling in the feel of our auras dancing together the way they were at the moment.

Her hands explored the new cuts on my bare back, telling me she was sorry without words, and also showing me she was adjusted enough to finish what we had started. I smiled thinly, and kissed her jaw, I had carefully avoided the apex of her thighs while my hands roamed before. I hesitantly made my fingers move lower, down her stomach, all the way down to her nether lips, where my fingers lightly traced them. I bit my lip lightly as my fingers ran up her slit, finally touching that very sensitive bundle of nerves, her moans, pants, and crys sounded throughout the air.

My fingers moved in their tight slow circle, making her mewl, and buck beneath me. I smiled, I told her to brace herself, she grinned, and her fingers found the back of my neck. As if reading my mind, she spread her legs for me giving me full access to her. My lips tortured the hollow of her throat, as my fingers thrusted in, I applied a little more magic to my thrust. She screamed my name, and held my neck in an iron grip, more blood leaked out of me as her nails toar through my skin. My teeth were no longer sitting on the side lines, I bit as my fingers beckoned inside of her.

Her hips rocked as we established a steady rhythm, she was so close I could almost feel the orgasm rippling throughout her body. My teeth bit down hard on her pulse point, electrifying our bond even further than it had already been. Her blood tasted... sweet, my tongue lapped up the free flowing blood that spilled from the wound, I pulsed magic into her body even further. My thumb pressed against her clit and moved in fast tight circles, I poured everything I could hold into her. Ivy's body stopped moving for a moment, then she threatened to buck me off, but a well positioned hand, had the fact that our connected auras and pushed me into my orgasm as well, made pushing us apart a very dangerous task indeed. Our arms locked in place around each other as we screamed each others names, the feeling of pleasure finally left after a long moment of dizziness.

I slowly pulled the line energy out of Ivy's body, knowing if I separated her from it too fast she would feel a slight bit of pain. I finally disconnected her from it entirely, I pushed the rest of it into the ground, giving it back to the Earth. I rolled her over on top of me, my fingers making patterns on her back seemed to snap her out of her dizzy spell, she moved awkwardly so she could look at me. Seeing her so discordinated made me giggle, her fingers traced the line of my jaw as we had another passionate kiss.

Her lips moved down to my neck, "May I... give me this?" I smiled as she struggled with the words, I whispered the words I knew she needed.

"I give this to you, I am yours and only yours." She smiled against me, then her fangs slid into me, making me whole again. She pulled on my wound making blood flow more. I had another orgasm as she pulled blood from me, she shuttered against me showing me that she was going through one as well. She pulled her fangs out and laid herself comfortably on top of me. I felt her smile as wet drops ran onto my shoulder. I rolled her over and kissed her eyes, holding her, patiently waiting for her to stop crying, her tears stopped flowing sometime within the half hour I spent holding her.

"So... What did I do to make you cry?" I asked hesitantly, shock fell over her face. Her breath eased out of her in a sigh, her face nuzzled my neck.

"No,not you, you haven't done anything but love me. I wasn't crying because of you." She stated trying to think of a way to word her explanation, "Rachel... You burned him from me. Piscary, when he... touched me it was the best sex I had ever had. But you... you burned him away. All of his sick touches, in a sick fucked up way I still craved the feelings he could pull from me, but you showed me something clean. You set the standards higher, you burned his filthy grime away from me. Rachel, I feel clean now. I haven't felt clean since I was thirteen. Rachel, thank you, thank you so much." She was choking back sobs, as she tried to explain what was going through her mind. I continued to hold her as she cried, and fell asleep. I hid the tears by remaining silent she needed me to be strong so she could cry, I slowly drifted off into rest, holding her in my arms protectively.

Curious to understand Part 7

I was in the kitchen when Ivy woke and strolled out of her room to find me. I smiled when I realized that she had been expecting bright light, I had the blinds closed from the major hang-over had fallen victim to. I was making her breakfast, I had put on the coffee because I knew I would be done cooking soon. The eggs let out a final sizzle before I took them out of the pan, and placed them on the plates along with the other food I had already prepared. I picked up the plates and set them on the table with the appropriate silver wear, I went back to the kitchen to get our coffee while Ivy sleepily shuffled about the room to her chair.

I set her coffee down in front of her, she smiled greatfully. I chose the chair to the right of her and leaned in to steal one of her breath taking kisses. My morning felt complete, too bad I was going to have to ruin it soon. I sighed, completely full from pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Ivy and I sat there for a while comfortably holding on the the nice mood while we still could.

She, of course was the first to speak up, "Rachel, I hate to ruin today, but we need to talk about what you plan to do about Al." She had spoken bluntly trying to make it seem as if she didn't care, but from her introverted posture and how carefully blunt her words were I could tell she was scared out of her mind. I set my Vampiric Charms mug down on the coffee table.

"I've already gone over the plan with Ceri." I looked down at the table, my heart squeezed in pain. Ivy's hand cupped my chin, as a tears brimmed my eyes, she looked at me curiously. "She asked me not to come see her anymore once we get this last deal squared off, and I don't blame her." My eyes settled past Ivy's face, I was staring intently at the wall. She placed her hands on the sides of my face, forcing me to look at her, I saw the anger in her eyes mixed with the need to comfort me. "Ivy, don't be angry with her, she's just scared. She just doesn't want to be caught up in this."

Jenks flew out of the desk, "Ceri did what?! Well, I'll kiss a fairy's ass! She's a twit, and we don't need her! If she's afraid of you then she wouldn't even be enough of a woman to be a fairy's harlot." I choked on a laugh, Ivy didn't even try to hide her smile.

"Jenks, I couldn't have said it better myself." Ivy retorted, grinning from ear to ear. That had to make my day, it's hard to have a bad day after all of that. Then after all of our giggling was done, Ivy spoke up again, "So what do you have planned?" I smiled, it wasn't a great plan and it would cause me a great deal of extra pain, but well worth it.

"I will give that.... thing a child, but that doesn't mean it has to save their race. And this is the hard part, Ivy?" She looked at me expectantly, I grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze in attempt to quell my nervousness. I took a deep breath to continue, "Some time during the pregnancy I want to see what gender the child will be, and if it's a girl. I want you to kill it."

For a long awkward terrifying moment she did nothing but look at me and blink. She finally spoke to me, "Rachel. Why couldn't you just get the doctors to do it?" I smiled, that was exactly what I had asked Ceri.

I glanced at the floor, "Because they don't have protection from the demons, and I don't want anyone to get hurt. He would probably murder the doctor that helped us." She clasped her bottom lip between her teeth, I waited for her answer patiently.

"Rachel. I don't like this, but I don't want any un-necessary people hurt either." I stroked the back of her hand, in hopes of quelling her fear.
"We're hoping thats the worst that could happen, I talked to Newt, we made a contract. If I fight Al and, he does one of two things I will be provided protection by Newt herself." I met Ivy's eyes, she looked at me expecting a catch, I licked my lips with a nervous habit. "Ivy, he has to either sudmit... Or I'm going to have to kill him." She understood now, my emotions were in turmoil, I was fighting with myself over what I should do, and what I would do.

She tensed, "Isn't there any other way? I mean couldn't you talk this over with another demon?" I gave her a watery smile, the demons wouldn't answer me, and I doubted they could grant me the protection Newt or Al could put within my grasp. They were probably working together on this, Newt was behind this entire affair I'm sure. I shook my head, I opened my mouth to speak, but closed it again, and thought about a strategy to win.

"Ivy, I'm going to try to keep Al alive, I am almost certain that Newt is pulling his strings. I'm going to try to beat him, and enslave him so I can keep him alive." A look of shock drew across her face, I smiled and whispered, "When in dealing with demons, you have to think like one."

Jenks shifted in the air uneasily, "I don't like this Rachel, I don't like this at all. There's too much that could go wrong. And we also don't know if Al would surrender to you, we don't know if he isn't doing this for his own gain. What if he really is evil? Can you really kill someone, Rache?"

I looked at Ivy long and hard, a glanced at Jenks, and closed my eyes. 'Would I be able to trade a demon's life for all of the people I care about? Mom, I can't let her die yet, I need her still and she only recently became happy again. Ceri, she is having a baby, she is saving the elf population. Trent, he is a major asshole, but in his own way he is making the world safer, taking his friends from him would be cruel. Jenks, I can't even think of a world without him, and I won't make it sooner than later, I won't be the reason he dies. Ivy, No she won't be dying, not without her soul intact. I won't let her, he can't take her from me. He won't, she's mine!' Ivy's hand twitched in mine, her eyes were closed, she tried to steady her breathing. My emotions were getting to her, I smiled there wasn't a hint of a pleasure in the air. I gazed lovingly at her, my free hand ran up the side of her face, her breath exploded from her.  Her eyes raced to meet mine, she still had tons of brown in her eyes, I leaned in to kiss her forehead.

"Yes, I would be able to murder that tainted scum. I would be able to blast him into eternity if thats what it takes." Jenks grinned at me from ear to ear, he was proud, as proud as a father should be. Ivy, smiled weakly too, fear was on her mind, she was probably wondering about what would happen if I lost. I was rather worried about that as well, but today wasn't the day to be thinking about that.

"Ivy." She turned her attention to me, "I know the moment is kind of inappropriate, but Happy Birthday, Ivy!!!" Her mouth fell open, her eyebrows shot up to her forehead, it took her a few moments to regain her usual controlled self. I could tell the truth though, she was ecstatic, and oh how she glowed. Her fingers impatiently snapped in front of my face, I was suddenly confused, "What?"

She giggled, "How did you find out about my Birthday? I hadn't told you when it was, and every time it came around we were busy saving the world?"

I grinned from hear to ear, "Who do you know that likes gossip as much a an average teenager? She's kind of short, she looks like a miniature you, she loves to get involved in things that are way over her head." A frown came over her face, that was replaced by a smile almost instantly, she looked at the roof in wonder. Bell like chimes of her laughter filled the room, she grinned and shook her fist at the air.

I leaned in again, Jenks had long gone to find something to present to Ivy as a fitting Birthday Present. My lips touched hers, a familiar dizziness claimed me as I tasted her lips. I knew one of the presents I wanted to give her, but all of that could come after battle plans were laid out. We had a very special dinner to go to and a little dancing after, I had to give the credit to Erica thought. She was the most devious little girl I knew she was a hell of a lot smarter than she looked.


I pulled her chair out for her, she kindly accepted my offer, I touched a leyline and willed it into my muscles, so I could push her chair in effortlessly. I pushed the magic back into the ground as I walked to my chair, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She had dressed in a beautiful red sheath, her curves flowed amazingly in it, a strapless red dress with slits up the sides that ended about mid-thigh. In short, I was both breathless, and hyperventilating at the same time. I was wearing the beautiful lack dress she had picked out for me, it flowed to the ground hugging my curves, an elegant type of wear that I would never be able to afford.

Champaign was ordered, she had wanted to order something rather cheap. I had grinned knowing her favorite dinners were on the menu, but she didn't want to feel like she was eating my months rent. "You know it's ok to order whatever you want tonight, right?" She shifted in her chair, she bit her lip. I grinned even wider, I grabbed my purse and took out five one hundred dollar bills, and another four twenties.

She coughed, "Where did you get money?!" I laughed, smiling at my accomplishment.

"I got the money, working like five jobs a day for the past week. I was originally going to use the money to buy you something so I could apologize properly." It was my turn to shift uncomfortably, I didn't want to bring up the fact that I had went on suicide missions because I was depressed.

She was about to speak, but the waiter showed up in the nick of time to take our order. I politely ordered for the both of us. Her favorite dish was the lobster swordfish platter, I giggled as she fussed with her hair batting at it like a kitten. She stopped trying to get rid of her bangs, and looked at me with a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. "You are so cute, you remind me of a kitten at some of the most inappropriate times."

She grinned at me, her tongue roamed over her fangs, rapture slid between us electricity flowed as I watched her display through parifial vision. Her head lowered to her hand she licked up the length of her hand, her fangs scraped up her hand as she closed her mouth. She accidentally nicked her hand, she withdrew it immediately. I reached my hand out, and waited patiently for her to give it to me. I smiled when her wounded hand fell into mine, I drew it to me my fingers lightly curling around hers, she looked at me curiously. My lips lightly touched her knuckles, then my tongue darted out to lap up the blood that was gently leaking from her wound. After, I had made sure the scratch was no longer bleeding, I saw the look of surprise and lust that was painted across Ivy's face. That look alone made my thighs press together, and made heat pool between my thighs, I almost moaned aloud.

I sucked in air when I saw her eyes flash black, and her take in the air. I smiled, admitting she won, "Excuse me, I need to use the washroom." I got up to leave, I gave her an apologetic look, she only giggled at me. I breathed in deep, her scent was thick in the air, it knocked me off balance my mind was not leveled anymore, a sence of virtigo hit me. I opened my eyes, I was holding onto the table with a death grip. I breathed in deep again, and walked very quickly to the washroom.

The washroom's walls were the usual colors of blue and white, their ugly colors swirling together as I tried to calm myself down. I was leaning over the sink, I stood up straight, ran the water and splashed my face a few times. No luck, I held the sink trying to clam myself and my rapidly beating heart.

I heard the door open, I glanced in that direction, all I saw with my unfocused vision was a red dress, 'Ivy.' My mind registered, I shivered when her hand touched my shoulder, her hand started tracing patterns as she made her way up to the nape of my neck rubbing the muscles there, I moaned loud and panted. Her hand was immediately removed, I smiled lightly and she understood. I turned around to face her, she was scenting the air, "You are so powerfully turned on," she said as if she was amazed, "What on earth has you so riled up?"

I stayed hunched over the sink and thought about it for a while, 'Why am I so... bothered? Why... does she smell so good?' Another spell of dizziness took me again, I breathed in and out quickly. She took a step closer to me, her long pianist fingers wrapped around my arm steadying me. Her wonderful scent made my head swim, "Rachel? Rachel, is there anything I can do? Can you tell what's making you like this?"

At this point I think I understood, in a way, "Ivy, what effects can vampire blood cause on seriously sexually deprived people?" Her face reddened, and she let out a surprised 'oh.'

"Umm, how long has it been since you have been... satisfied?" Her voice had a labored raggedy feel to it. I shivered again, knowing she was as turned on as I was at the moment.

"It's been a good... month and a half?" I panted, I turned to face her, her jaw was once again on the floor.

She quickly recovered, kind of, "You haven't had sex in a month and a half? Did you... do anything to satisfy your needs?" I smiled lightly and shook my head, "No wonder, your so bothered right now. Let me help?" She breathed, I felt my smile fall, 'What about dinner?' As if to answer my question she piped up sensing my distress, "I want to wait til we get home too, I want to help calm you down. I want to help you relax so we can finish dinner, and whatever else you have planned." I sighed the breath I had been holding and nodded, she released pheromones into the air, they calmed and soothed me into a relaxed state I felt almost normal.

"I'm feeling better thank you." I whispered as I reached for her, she complied to my request I held her in my arms, for a few moments. I washed my face again and we walked out back to dinner.

Curious to understand Part 6

Author: Shadow
Title: Curious to understand Part 4
Fandom: Kim Harrison's "The Hollows Series"
Raiting: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters and the world they live in belong to Kim Harrison.
Summery: Will Rachel's date with Ivy go as planned?

"What now pretty boy?" I sneered at him.Collapse )

Curious to understand Part 5

I awoke with a start, "Ivy, your hands are freezing." She shivered against me, clutching me close. I felt her warm skin, in contrast over her frozen hands, she sighed. She was sweating, I touched her cheek, she was burning up, I pressed my hand to her forehead, once again, on fire.

"Rachel, I really don't feel well. I'm so cold, hold me, keep me warm." I watched her shiver, and sneeze, 'She is so adorable.' I snapped myself out of my thoughts and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tightly. She laid her forehead on my shoulder, she clutched at me, sending a familiar warm heat throughout my body straight between my legs. I smiled, and nuzzled her neck, I ran my hands up and down her well muscled back in an attempt to sooth her.

A fit of coughs took her, I sighed and sat up. "Rache? Rachel, whats wrong?" Her worry was thick in her voice, as she sat up  and wrapped her arms around my waist kissing my shoulder. I turned to face her, I smiled dismissing her worry almost instantly, my hands gently pushed her back down onto the bed.

"You need to eat something, I'm sure you could also use some medicine, and some water." She nodded, I smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead, I covered her up in the blanket, she smiled back at me thankfully when I told her I would be back in a minuite. I ran out to the kitchen to make her some soup to eat, I brought her some of her cold medicine. I took all of that in for her to start on, I went back out to the kitchen for her glass of water, 'She said sh was cold.' I dashed into my room, and pulled my comfortor and blanket.

I had her settled into bed with everything I thought she would need, she finished her soup, and drank her nasty medicine. When she was entirly finished with her water, I took all the plates and containers away from her, setting them on the bedside table. Her sweaty form settled under the covers as I finished putting the empty dishes away, I turned back to look at her, she gave me a weak smile, I cuckled slightly I reached out and touched her forehead. She sighed at the touch of my hand, her fingers wrapped around my wrist holding me in place. I continued to do as she wished, she asked me to lay next to her I obeyed, she asked me to take everything off once again I complied, she wanted to cuddle why not?

She was softly snoozing as I trailed my fingers over her burning flesh, I felt her body twitch when I found particularly sensitive nerves. I had tried to sleep, but once again found myself unable to keep the worry out of my head, so here I lie in my lover's embrace, 'Hmm, can I really call her my lover, we haven't gone quite that far yet. Hmm, I wonder if thats what she conciders us. Oh Shit, it's Saturday tomarrow, Damn It!' Ivy must have felt my frustration, because she forced me out of my thoughts when she stirred and rolled over hugging a pillow. 'My pillow' I tought as I realized that it had been the one I had slept on. I fondly smiled to myself, I laid there for a second watching her sleep, watching her breath. A sneeze hit me, 'Oh no! Why is he calling me? Maybe I'm just being paranoid, maybe I just got hit with some dust and it's nothing more than that' I mused silently to myself, another sneeze shoke the bed, 'Nope, I have to get into the kitchen, Now.'

I leaned over to Ivy's resting form and kissed her lightly just below her ear and whispered a quick promise of coming back soon. I ran into the kitchen after I pulled some sweats on, and Ivy's black silk robe, the air pressure changed and Al appeared before me in his green crushed velvet coat. "We have inportant things to talk about, Love." I heard him hit his english accent hard, making his consanants hard and crisp. Ivy's door was now ajar, she was making her way toward us, I sighed, and recommended that she didn't step off of holy ground, and she ignored me telling me if I could be off of holy ground anytime I wanted then so could she.

I growled in frustration, 'This is so not safe!' I took Ivy's hand in mine, Al made a smile that looked almost sweet. "Thank you, Ivy. You just gave me the leverage that I need!" My face paled, when Al growled this, and took Ivy's hand pulling her toward him. Normally she would have been able to evade his grab, but she didn't understand what was going on and she was ill. I clenced my jaw in anger, one of is hands held her windpipe and he could and would crush it in a second if I made any movement.

"Al? I don't know what you want, but if you let her go that will make us both less trigger happy." I stated as calmly as I could, I heard her whimper when he kissed her neck. The hair on the back of my neck bristled, my muscles were tight and I was shaking from my adrenalin rush, he laughed as he saw my reaction.

"Ok Rache, two conditions: The first one, she stays real close to me. The second, I get a knife so you and her can both have a visual representation of how bad things can go right now. Deal?" I nodded, my pulse pounding in my head, fear notting in my stomach. "Go get the knife, be a good bitch." I glared at him, and walked over to the kitchen knives trying to get the smallest one I could find, "No, No, dear I want your ceremonial knife." I growled, and picked it up off of the counter, I strode over to him handing him the knife. He motioned for me to step back, I walked a good six feet away, and he released her telling her not to do anything stupid. I felt a little releaved but not much.

"Rachel, my dear." He said with faked sympathy, he smiled at me he snaked his arm around Ivy's middle, he pressed his body against hers as close as he could get them. he breathed in deep from where his face was hidden by her hair. "She is so pretty, Rachel. She is simply magnificent, a true queen. I aprove, I even hope you can save her I actually like her, Mmm, and she smells so good!" He moaned with intensity, I almost advanced at him by Ivy cried out telling me to stop. I paced making an invisible line that I couldn't cross.

I was fed up, pent up, and pissed off, "Al, what do you want?" He grinned savagly at me, and let Ivy fall to the floor, He smiled and told me to stand still or he will use his superior speed and send Ivy's soul to damn nation. He got close to me and cupped my chin, then stroked my cheek. Hatred burned throughout my body, "I want to make a deal, my itchy witch. Her life, and soul after death, plus the protection of anyone who befriends you, and Ivy's entire family her mother's side and fathers side forever. Plus, Trent and his lackies families will be safe. Ceri's decendants forever as well." I glared, 'Too good to be true.'

"What's the catch? What am I going to have to pay?" He grinned, and eyed me up and down licking his lips. I got the message, my heart stopped he wanted me to decide between saving the demon population or saving my friends. I knew what I would choose, "Al? Give me two weeks, please? I will settle for your deal once Ceri has looked at the paperwork, I want this typed up and I want a copy of the papers." He smiled, a sneer, "I also want to be here for the nine months, and you won't hurt my family either?" My voice sounded defeated to my ears even.

Ivy looked up from the floor fear in her eyes, "No, Rachel, I'm not worth it. No! Don't do this!" I gave her a pained smile, and told her that it would be ok, I out right lied to her. It made my mouth taste like ash, tears streamed down her face. He smiled, "I'll give you a month for your vacation, then you will be mine for two weeks!" He squeeled in delight, he told me he'd bring the paperwork, our contract tomarrow, I nodded numbly as he handed me back my knifel.

Ivy, ran to me once he left, she slapped me, "Why?!" I looked at the floor, tears streamed down my face, "Why? I-I don't understand, I told you not to! I told you I didn't deserve it, none of us do," She whispered, as she held me, she looked at my cheek, and cried even harder. I held her as tight as I could, I needed her more than anything in the universe at that moment, my life was crashing to the ground.


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