We are a truely disfunctional set of beings

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Imaginary truth
Jenks flew in through the tiny hole of the window while I unlocked the front doors of the church. Being welcomed by Jenks, as he barked at me for taking so long. "What's wrong Jenks?" I said, it wasn't like we didn't have all day.

His wings were a red blur, "She's gone! Rache, get us to this address! Now!" I looked at him confused, what in the hell was he talking about? He screamed for me to get into my car so we could find Ivy, before she kicked the bucket.

That got my attention, I grabbed my keys and ran to my car, "Where in the hell is she?! What in the hell is she doing?!" I furiously demanded answers of my four inch tall friend.

"Mia, the banshee broke out of prison last night, my guess is that Ivy went to go kick her ass alone." I was speeding down the highway when I found the most curious looking thing in the world. A motionless leather clad woman with black hair, being appraised by three men.

I jerked the car wheel, entering the parking lot, I stopped my car taking out my keys in a quick fashion. I put my keys in my pocket, as I attached myself to a ley-line, if they have even looked at her wrong, so help me goddess I was going to break more than 'just a few' bone. Heads were going to roll, my eyes sighted on the men, one was laughing as he held her hips.

I didn't ask questions, I didn't demand why, I did the only thing I could possibly think of at the moment. I marched up to the one holding her hips, he looked like a lumber-jack redneck asshole, my hands found his head. I threw the whole line into his body, he quickly seized and dropped to the ground unconscious. All of his friends had taken a few steps back, I sneered at them showing my pearly white teeth.

"Get your friend and go!" I yelled at them, I didn't realized I was still holding on to the ley-line until electric looking sparks hit the pavement and singed it, turning the blacktop even darker. They darted forth retrieved their friend, and left flying in the direct opposite direction from me. I heard a weak whisper, I barely made out the sound to be my name, I turned directly on heel dropping all of the energy.

I knelt beside her, afraid I was too late, afraid I was going to lose someone else close to me... again. 'No!' I heard my voice echo in the confounds of my mind. I felt beside myself, I felt like someone else was continuing out my actions for me. I tapped a line, and thrusted it into my muscles, so I could carry her to the car. The door wasn't open so I had to prop her into a leaning sort of pose to get it open. I carefully settled her into the car, fastening a seat belt around her. I went back for her purse, knowing she would want me to, 'She's going to need her cell phone when she gets better, she's going to need her bank cards... What if she isn't okay this time?'

I silenced the maddening questions in my mind, when I typed R into Ivy's cell phone, I scrolled down to Ryan Cormel. I hit the talk button, and focused on a now panting Ivy, my hand moved to help her get her bangs out of her face. "Ivy, darling. I know your anxious for tonight, but I'm not prepared yet, just another hour my pet." His voice resonated suggestivly, damn I hated his voice at the moment.

"Ryan, we have a situation. Ivy is injured, she went to capture and detain Mia Harbor alone, and is now hurt." I heard a growl in the background.

He took a few moments to collect himself, "Where are you? I will send people to 'help' her out of her broken state. No better yet, you will come to the bridge, we first had an incident like this. And Rachel, you and I need to have a very serious discussion. Good day!" He basically yelled into the phone, before I heard a sharp click of the phone cutting off. I winced, and started the car heading to the bridge, I pulled out of the parking lot speeding.

I put on my hazard brakes before stopping by where the other cars were located.I stopped and put my car in park. I ran full speed to the passenger door after I stumbled out of the car, I picked up Ivy, her arms loosely wrapped around my neck. Ryan stepped out of the car, "Rachel, give her to us." His hand reached out.

"I'm coming with her." I stated, he raised and eyebrow, Ivy tried to protest. My eyes caught hers, and she stopped talking, it was as if the back of her throat just went dry.

Ryan smiled showing fang, "No I like this new development, I want this to be Rachel's punishment for allowing you to be hurt. I want her to show her how cruel it is for you." I was holding back tears, her head pressed gently against me settling into my shoulder. He opened the car door, and I placed her in the middle of the backseat. I sat directly to the right of her, fearing that this was beyond repair.

"Rachel?" I heard her rasp my name, my attention was all hers as I took her hands, "Rachel, I have an I-pod, please... I don't want you to hear, please." She was near tears, I found her purse, I hadn't even realized I was carrying it. Rummaging through her bag I found the music player, I turned up Nirvana until I could have sworn my ears were bleeding. I looked over to where Ivy was and she was tearing into a tall,blond,skinny man. I saw his mouth move in what had to be a moan, I closed my eyes, and soothingly traced invisible patterns on her back.

Soon after she was done with that one, he moved to trade places with the man in the passenger seat. Smoothly swapping she started to drain the second one. He bucked and moaned, tears no longer threatened to spill over the brim of my eyes, I felt numb. I skipped this song, Nirvana wasn't doing it for me today, I hit a song that entirely made sense of the situation.

Imaginary- Evanescence.

Ivy pulled away from him, clearly stronger than she had been, just minutes ago. Her gaze returned mine, her fingers raised and moved toward me, hesitantly. I quickly, grabbed her hand in mine, pulling her towards me. She collapsed against me, her arms encircled me, she pressed her face against the crook of my shoulder and cried. I took out one of my head phones and placed it in her ear. I rocked her as she spilled her heart for me, I clutched her close. Whispering lies, telling her ever thing would be ok.

Look at me, what a useless individual indeed.


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