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Curious to understand Part 10
My eyes opened, blurry images rushed over me. All I could see was white blotched opaque patterns, 'Hmm, the ceiling has an interesting story of shapes.' I thought quietly to myself as I attempted to depict objects out of it before snapping to reality and trying to check the status of the rest of the room. I groaned lowly as I sat up, defiant muscles sent warning shots that seemed to never cease fire on the neurons attacking my brain. But in my normal 'I'm tough guys' facade, how could I listen to something my defiant body was trying to explain?

I saw the beautiful wood desk that served as home to a family of pixies and the dust-bunnies of the church. I looked back at the bed now thoroughly confused, it indeed was our bed, Ive's and mine. 'Why was that desk in here?' I pondered to myself as I sat still, I sat up and gingerly took my time stepping out of the bed. I carefully inched my way to the dark kitchen, I glanced at the microwave's clock, it was reading 4:13 A.M.

I sighed, 'What day is it?' My eyes closed as I leaned against my alphabetized charm cabinet and stared at the tiles on the floor. I heard a eerie soft scraping noise, followed by a quiet groan, "Rachelllll." The hair on the back of my neck rose, I slowly turned my attention to the figure beside me. My eyes went wide as I focused, "Ivy," I sobbed, her skin had always been pale, but right now she looked ghostly, and there was a gaping hole in her rib cage. It looked as if a hand had just been punched through her, intestines and what should have been her stomach was hanging out of the cavernous wound, slinking across the floor making gruesome modern art.

Her knee had to have been broken, as she walked clumsily toward me dragging the limb with her in a jerky sort of step slide step movement.. The hole in her rib cage had to have been big enough for my head to go through. I backed up my body was shaking, and my teeth were chattering, and the worst part is that I was afraid of her. I was afraid of the woman I loved, and not only because she could be dead but because she could be undead. I tripped on a dish rag, my back hit the wall, she gave me a pained look, "What's wrong dear, don't you love me anymore?"

Her words cut my heart, knocking the wind out of me.Tears welled in my eyes, almost spilling over the brink. No matter how repulsed I was by my own cowardice I couldn't repress my fear, and I couldn't take a step forward to touch her, to cradle her in my arms. So she continued her dogged pursuit toward me, I heard her knee snap and pop as she applied pressure to her leg. The sound made me gag, my stomach acid was burning my esophagus as I swallowed it back. "What happened to you?" I sobbed, more to myself than to her.

She grinned wide, "You did." She looked heart broken as her eyes were downcast at the floor. "You broke all of your promises to me. You said you loved me, but demons don't love do they?" My teeth clenched together as her image blurred in front of me, I grasped more of the wall as I slid down it. 'This can't be', the thoughts whirled in my mind. "Al lived." My eyes shot to hers, as she continued her tale, "He lived because you couldn't keep your promises. And we all paid the price for you, to think that I'm in love with such a coward."

She stopped when she was within arms reach, her hand took mine in a almost gentle way, "I wish I could provide pity, or forgiveness, or even indifference." My arms tangled around her, clutching her to me as I sobbed at my loss and her words. "I think I'm really dead this time, how could you? How could you chose his life over ours?"

She had paused, fear knotted inside of me, as her grip turned hard. My eyes met hers and I saw a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from hunger to rage. "I love you. Oh God how I love you." I rasped as her claws ripped into pieces of me, her left digging into my ribs, her right crushing my wrist. I cried out in pain but made no attempt to move. My body pressed against hers as the blood seeped into my clothes, and I breathed her in, my eyes widened as my heart sped up.

Burnt Amber... We have just hit ground zero...

Fangs were about to enter my neck as 'Ivy' savagely hissed her anger at me. My mouth went dry, this thing was not Ivy, and there was no telling when she would be home. 'Think Rachel, think!' As I thought of a way to get out of this mess, 'Ivy' continued to loom over me. Fear pulsed out of me and she moaned.

I switched our positions to where she was against the wall, and I pressed my lips to hers groaning at the contact. She gasped in surprise as I applied pressure forcefully and she growled as I bit her lip striking first blood. I aggressively pressed against her and sucked at her pulse. My jaw ached as I forced my teeth to break her skin and burrow into the muscle tissue. I had a steady supply of the hot coppery liquid. I invoked my curse and made it boil. Her body jerked away from mine as she stood taught every muscle contracting in pain as her insides melted.

Her blood curdling scream sounded throughout the church, echoing all around, like we had surround sound of her torture. I closed my eyes at the sight I felt the urge to vomit coming back as tears ran rampant down my cheeks. I felt something change inside of me, Some things snapped in my consciousness self loathing burned deep into me as it ate her alive. I felt the blood beginning to flake and become dust beneath her flesh. I held my hands on my knees pulling them to my chest as the tears continued to spill. I didn't notice that the form of my lover had changed to my teacher. Pain tasted just as foul as the blood on my tongue as it did in my heart. The creature wailed again no longer sounding human, I had to do what was right I had to put her out of misery. I folded the magic on itself. I kneaded it, collapsing the energy making it stronger, and more refined. I kept at it for hours. Til dawn in fact, continuing well after the spot on the ground was unrecognizable. I stood and carefully placed my arms under the body to carry it outside to meet the sun.

The creature spoke suddenly, shocking me out of my state. The words were just above a pitiful raspy whisper, I turned heel on him. "I didn't want this for either of us you know?" I kneeled on the ground hard in my shock. Clutching him to me, I shook hard the shiver ripping through me. As I stared at his long collapsed eyes and the deformed sockets.

His scream sounded, it was a low rasped hiss as the sun dusted over the both of us. I watched him turn to ash in my arms, and his dust settled in my hands. I didn't know if I could touch her ever again, I didn't know that I deserved it because I hadn't been entirely certain it was ever Al before making the decision to kill. I came to the realization that I couldn't love anything, that I would aid the death of anything I would ever come to care about. I turned to shuffle inside, to grab my things and run. But my jaw went slack as I saw Ivy with her eyes wide in horror.

Skimmer at her side.

This is a redone chapter.

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Thank you, I'm happy I redid it and I'm excited to start writing the next chapter for you.

You're welcome! = ) I look forward to reading it.

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