We are a truely disfunctional set of beings

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 I bared my "fangs" at the vampires close proximity, this particular vamp was wise enough to know better the to touch me. My eyes narrowed as I realized he had the keys, I swung my legs back so I could push off of the wall behind me. His beady eyes bulged as he realized that he was going to die his first death tonight (or his last death if no one bothered to bring him back as an undead). Being suspended off of the ground by the wrists gives the advantage of surprise when you suddenly show them you are capable of movement.

I wrapped both legs around his throat choking the life out of him. I had been watching him for months, I had seen this boy in his prime and now he was nothing. He had fallen out of favor with his Master, he was only a ghoul he was useful as nothing more than a jailer to them now. The boy, Eric sank to the floor in his last breath he probably begged for God's forgiveness, forgiveness for the way he had tortured me and many others.

Ha, I was at luck! They had me suspended on a hook, if I could only climb just a little higher. My goal was set, it was the first step of my plan, if Fate willed it I would be a free witch tonight! The thought burned through me, giving me the emotional strength to lift myself with my bleeding wrists, the strength to wrap my fingers around the chains and pull myself to freedom. I started to swing, if I just let go right now, I would be back to where I had started in the first place. I allowed myself to let go, I had felt that I reached enough momentum to miss the hook on the way down.

My landing was everything but graceful. I had landed and rolled in a puddle of the blood that I had shed the night before. I searched the expanse of the underground hallway that I could see from inside my cell, it had seemed something big was going on tonight, he is the only one here. I took the keys off of his ever cooling corpse, quickly freeing myself of the charmed silver cuffs. I held the keys, and stole Eric's clothing.

I felt better when I had a way to physically blend in with the others. But there truly wasn't a reason, I didn't intend to just "sneak out" and allow them to get away with this. No, they are all going to die, every single person I see will be obliterated. They had the chance to live, they had five years to help me escape; but not a single one of them even thought about trying! No, no one shall live past tonight. I spent my first half hour freeing all of the witches, all of the weres, all of the vamps, every single prisoner was free. I had my army.

We all marched up the stairs,  the noise we were making was being drown out by the masquerade ball that was being held by the Master that had us all "under control." Good no one noticed us, the element of surprise shall allow more than enough time for me to take her. The mass of vampire dancers, all stood slack jawed as the witches flew their ley line spells, as weres tore them to shreds, and as the vampires fed for the first time in months. I saw the queen bitch, her mouth gaping still sitting atop her throne. Her silver hair gave her away, she was older her silver hair was kept, as well as a complexion amulet.

My reflexes had certainly gotten better, I moved with the crowd almost as if it were a living thing. The hatred of those around me, feeding me adrenaline I could feel it pulsing like the beat of a heart. I took off running in her direction, she hadn't caught sight of me yet, nor was she going to. I watched as the first woman I freed murdered the Master's right hand woman. A evil smirk masked my face, hatred was spilling out of my aura, it seeped into my magic control. It had helped me create something that had been deemed impossible, a move able compact barrier. My magic pulsed around me, cracking around me as if it were my aura. 

One of her moronic minions had been stupid enough to attempt to touch me, I watched in awe as the man's hand melted away to the bone. I set out my fingers, touching his chest barely even touching I watched as his flesh fell apart showing me his rib cage. I grinned at my new found power, I clenced my fists as I punched holes through the terrified hearts of my enemies. Stalking ever closer to my true desire, she had set out to fight my brethren, harming my army. Out eyes locked, as she focused.
Our blitskrieg war  was about to end as our eyes connected, all of the battles stopped. Both of the head powers had finally recognized each other. It was almost as if she could see her future, she knelled and begged for her miserable existence. She knew what the answer was going to be, so she bared her fangs. Ready to die for the sins she had committed against us all, this very act had led to her downfall. The punch she had threw never connected, she had made a mistake thinking it would actually hit me.
The hit that never landed costed her the arm she tried to kill me with. Her scream sounded, my friends rejoiced, their screams of bloodlust. I grabbed her throat trying to be quicker than my magic, I actually felt her wind pipe from the inside before her head hit the floor. Her whole work force bowed before me, my fingers ran through my hair. Just before my death barrier expanded to take the lives of everyone who had ever hurt me. The power I had been born with was amazing, it seemed endless.
I took a deep breath, smothering the power within me to the ground. The feeling was intoxicating but I didn't want to end up like Newt anytime soon. Step 1: Find Ivy, find home. I braced myself against the wall, gritting my teeth as I knew how bad this was going to hurt. I found her, she was far, it was a long ways to ride on the lines. Acquiring her location had given me a nose bleed, it was too much ley line energy rushing to my head. I ground my teeth, it hurt as I connected with the ley line and felt myself sucked into the stream. I concentrated on only Ivy, it was very easy to get lost. 
I jumped off when I hit close to her, I rolled tearing a path to the surface, pain was the only feeling I could distinguish. I screamed as I felt the reality of concrete and road rash catch up with me. I picked myself up off of the floor, I felt the ribs that had been broke just last week strain under the pressure that I had been putting them under. I felt the rain, it was a flash flood kind of thunderstorm, cleansing me of the slaughter that I had left behind. I caught long blond hair as a figure in white ran toward me.
Ceri, I recognized her. She had aged these five year very gracefully, her eyes wide as she took me in. Her fear was palpable, her fingers cupped my cheek after she had tentatively realized that I wouldn't hurt her.  "Take me to Ivy." I broke the silence harshly. Thunder clapped around us, lightning crashed in the distance, and the pouring rain continued to cleanse me. She sighed, her fingers wrapped around my wrist she pulled me to the church.
I stopped in the middle of her haul, she jerked on my wrist. As Ceri took the time to look at me and read my expression, she allowed me my break. I stood in awe of my home, this was a place of freedom; it was a place I never expected to see again. My face turned downcast as I said a little prayer, I then put one heavy soled shoe in front of the other. My eyes methodically turned to stare at the door, then they darted around in the rain as if I could tell there were people watching me.
I quickly, strode up the steps to the heavy wooden doors. I took a deep breath as my hands found the handles, with the strength I had left I opened them. I took a look around, the pictures on the walls were different. The furniture was all the same, I took steps and looked into her bedroom. Everything looked the same as I had left, from the few times that I had been in here I recognized that nothing but the pictures had changed. There were more pictures of me than I had remembered, she must have missed me.
She wasn't there, my next place of search was the kitchen, or perhaps the table. I ran into the sanctuary in my haste, then passing into the kitchen, not finding anything. I turned to the table where her computer was, all of my spell books were in the same place I had left them. I smiled fondly as I realized there was no dust on them, my concentration snapped as I felt the need to find her even more. I took a running start up the stairs to the belfry, I frantically checked there, nothing!!!
I bolted down the stairs frustrated, I growled in anger. Then an idea struck me, the only place I had yet to check was my bedroom. My fingers found the knob easily, I had pressed my forehead against the soft plywood. I breathed a plea for her to be there, I needed her right now. The door gave easily, I caressed her figure with my eyes. She had been crying before she went to sleep, her eyes were red and her cheeks had been more flushed than usual. I crept to her side, she was lying right where I usually slept, I had a feeling she was trying to comfort herself with my smell. I was kneeling beside her, my limbs had moved on their own. 
My knuckles felt how warm her flesh was, her eyes blinked open to me. Shock cut into her features, I grasped her wrist with my other hand. My fingers caressed her cheek, "It's me. It's Rachel, I'm home. I'm finally home."


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