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Unleashed part 2
My fingers upon her wrist slid down to twine our fingers together as our eyes locked together. Her eyes filled with question, and her hand ripped from mine smashing into my side. I hit the ground beside my bed curled around myself trying to relearn how to breath. I heard her sobs and half spoken words about ghosts and torment, the ice hit my soul I had never thought about how my instantaneous return would wreak havoc upon Ivy's emotions. I laid on my back, I was weary to my bones. My eyes closed for a moment and I felt my body relax little by little. 'No!' My thoughts interrupted my bodies process of shutting down, Ivy needed me.

I battled my fatigue as I sat up, every muscle and tendon screamed at me. My bones creaked as I felt the newly fractured ribs ground together making me gasp as I shifted my weight forward to a kneel. A hand fell on my back and my eyes snapped open, startled I turned to face her only knocking myself off balance and hitting the ground again. I gasped and rolled to my back to take the pressure off of my ribs, I took in large gulps of air but the pain didn't seem to lessen. I heard the bed shift, then I felt her presence over me. She was about to reach out again, then she paused her hand still in the air before it closed upon itself and she brought it back toward her.

"Rachel?... Rachel, can I touch you?" Her voice was tinged with panic.

Unable to speak, I nodded I wanted to tell her that I wasn't afraid of her. I wanted to tell her that she was the only thing that kept me alive these past years, I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but the words simply wouldn't come out raggedy rasping noises. The warm appendage felt good against my cheek I wanted to close my eyes and just feel her. But I couldn't tear my gaze away from hers not when it had been so long since I had seen her. The moment stilled us both for so long that my labored breathing began to settle. I felt her shift again, and she lifted my shirt slightly. She smelt my fear and asked permission again with a tinge of hurt in her voice. I grasped the edge of the shirt and pulled it completely off with her help, once we finally got the garment off with much effort and pain. She sat back her mouth was slightly open in shock, then they slowly shifted to anger as she admired the scars and the fresh wounds from the night before.

Her pheromones filled the air, soon they had my skin crawling and my head pounding in time with my heart. Her fingers touched a scar lightly and my body seized, my eyes rolled back into my head and I couldn't breath every gasp would meet another gasp there was no outtake of air. "Rachel? Rachel?! Whats wrong?" Her increased panic intensified the ecstasy I was experiencing, my back arched when she touched my neck."Stop... Phero...mones. Need.... water." She jumped to the task immediately which in turn hopefully saved her some embarrassment and it let the air clear up. My breath hitched in my chest, I couldn't breathe. The pheromones were slight pleasure but more pain than I could have ever explained to her, all of the venom inside of me made me beyond sensitive.

Ceri stepped into the room with her Rachel-emergency kit, Ivy then showed up with my water and eased me up far enough so I could drink it. When I was finished, she wrapped her arm around my back and the other under my legs and with me tucked into her chest she transported me to the couch. As soon as she had me settled I could see she was troubled as for what she should do next. I also saw that her decision was to leave so she didn't make me uncomfortable with her concern over me. As she turned I grasped her hand with my own silently begging for her not to leave me, my eyes filled with tears at the thought of her walking away. She sighed, and helped me sit up enough so she could use her thighs as my pillow. I rolled my head so my face was against her stomach, and I closed my eyes tenderly.

Ceri's fingers ran over my stomach as she inspected my recent wounds. I felt the dip in power on the line in the back of the yard, maybe she could heal me. No one else had been able to, not since the matron had ordered her pet demon to curse me. I sighed at the frustration on her face and at the slight hope I had allowed myself to feel, "Why won't magic work on you?" I looked up at her and told her I didn't quite understand it myself, magic hadn't worked on me since the master had called the demon to preform a "secret" curse on me. She told me she would look into trying to find a counter curse, but I knew the only demon who would know of it would be newt and I didn't want her crazy ass after me.

Sleep almost had a hold of me, when she finally spoke up. "Rachel, do you trust me?" My eyes snapped open and searched hers with slight confusion.

"Undoubtedly." I replied with conviction.

She smiled and looked at me tenderly as her fingers ran through my hair. Her eyes locked onto mine again, I felt myself getting lost and it felt like tendrils of her thoughts were meeting mine and easing me into a calm. I was alarmed for a moment then I realized why as soon as I saw Ceri pull out a needle to sew up my wounds. Ivy's hair tickled my face, but my eyes continued to search hers. I soon found that there were many different colors of brown in her eyes, they weren't just chocolate, they had flakes of amber and were a deep mahogany in places. Her hand sweeping through my hair I could feel her easing me into slumber. My breath hitched once more before I was lulled to sleep with the faint smell of ash and incense on the air.

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Thank you once again, I'm most definitely going to try to keep up with my stories this time around.

Hey, it's no problem and I hope so lol, there was a recovery period I had to go through when I assumed you were done with the story.

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